Derek Denny-Brown
Seattle, WA


I am an experienced developer, leader, and manager. I enjoy delivering scalable, reliable services that with real customer impact. My key strength is my ability to balance the needs of the customer, the business and the team.

I care passionately about my customers, my team, and my family.


Work Experience

October 2014 - Present
Staff Software Engineer @, Seattle, WA
Part of the team that built Google Cloud Launcher, improving the ability of vendors to deliver useful products to Google Cloud customers.
December 2013 - October 2014
Member Technical Staff @, Seattle, WA
Built a cluster platform in Golang. Helped build an amazing team and deliver an innovative product that solves real customer problems.
January 2013 - November 2013
Sr Software Development Manager / Principal @, Seattle, WA
Lead the design and initial development of AWS Lambda.
October 2007 - December 2012
(Sr) Software Development Manager @, Seattle, WA
Managed and grew the development team responsible for the front-end and business logic for S3. Shepherded the design and implementation of all team deliverables. Scrum Master for the team. Build, deploy, support, and evolved large fault-tolerant, distributed systems. Wrote some Java. Learned about networking, distributed systems, and designing for failure.
September 2005 - Sept 2007
Architect @ AgileDelta Inc., Bellevue, WA
Re-architected Efficient XML product to dramatically improve performance and ease implementation on devices with limited resources. That new architecture served as the basis for the W3C Efficient XML Interchange format. Designed and implemented licensing system. Implemented C#, J2ME, and C ports.
January 1998 - Sept 2005
Software Design Engineer/Lead @ Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA
Development lead and C++/C# individual contributor for MSXML and System.Xml, the Windows system components providing XML parsing, DOM API, XQL/XPath, and XSL/XSLT services. Was well known in the company for providing support and advice to internal and external customers. Development Lead for XML/XSD/XSLT Editor in Visual Studio 2005. Development Lead for System.Xml readers/writers/validation 2002-2005. Development Lead of MSXML 2001-2002.
November 1996 - December 1997
Software Engineer @ CRI Inc., Bellevue, WA
Helped design and develop a HTML, SGML, and WWW based documentation system for in-flight use by pilots, using Netscape as the UI for a Perl5, OpenText, and Oracle backend. Prototyped, designed, and built (with a team of 2) an SGML CD-ROM browser system using Netscape on top of a java layer. Reimplemented the original java solution in C++ while significantly enhancing functionality; functioning as architect, lead programmer, and development manager.
June 1995 - October 1996
Technical Staff @ TechnoTeacher Inc., Pittsford, NY
Tested/Debugged and later assumed development of HyMinder, a generic HyTime Engine. Actively participated in work on the HyTime Technical Corrigendum. Development work on their next generation MarkMinder/HyMinder product in C++.


B.A. Math/Computer Science (Cum Laude), 1996
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY